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CSG PVtech Co.,Ltd. advantage
Date:2017.12.22  source:Dongguan CSG Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd.  

         The company is one of the CSG solar industry chain of three major projects, has four major advantages:

        1. Located in a favorable position in the vertical industry chain: strong support from polysilicon materials and solar glass in its own industry chain, with its own product quality and cost control advantages.

        2. Years of solar glass and semiconductor materials production, research and development experience, to ensure that the company in solar cells and components of R & D, manufacturing technology advantages, such as leading printing, diffusion, sintering process.

        3. Long term technical cooperation with the leading international solar energy research institutions has kept the company's technological standards ahead.

        4. With a global marketing network, including the establishment of branches and offices in Europe, the United States, Australia, the Middle East and other places.

        I believe that in the near future, the company will grow and become the flagship enterprise in the industry, and make a strong contribution to the development of photovoltaic industry.