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I. website usage
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Two. Intellectual property rights
The contents and editing forms of this website are protected by copyright law. Any unauthorized use of the materials of this website may constitute infringement of copyright and other legal rights. Use of this site and display the trademark and logo (hereinafter referred to as the "trademark") is the CSG group and affiliated companies registered and unregistered trademarks, except other trademarks belong to the state. When you use or contact any content on this website, it is not understood to grant you any right to use the trademark. Without prior written permission, you may not use the trademark of CSG in any way.
This website carries the domain name, trade name, information, text, graphics, images, voice, links, software and all other content provided by the CSG, the content provider and the three party licensee. The content of intellectual property rights according to the specific circumstances respectively, the CSG content providers and three party licensees have.
Unless otherwise provided by law or otherwise agreed by the parties, without the CSG and / or other rights prior permission, shall not in any form by any means (including but not limited to electronics, mechanical copying or recording mode) to copy, display, modify, transfer, distribution, re release, download, post or transmit the the content of the web site. CSG without prior permission, any units and individuals shall not in any way or any part of the grounds of trademark and trade name or logo of this website to use, copy, modify, transmission or bundled with other products use.
CSG can without any notice or prompt the case ready to release new information or modify any content including this legal statement on this website, in order to get the latest version of the information, please visit this site regularly. The contents of this website or the products, services and prices introduced in these contents may be subject to change without notice. Try to keep the CSG website information timeliness, but the contents of this site may have expired, CSG no commitment to update the content in a timely manner. The website information may be in your local still can not get the product or service, you may apply to the CSG business contacts and local consulting agents.
Three, about user submitted information
In addition to personal identification information, any other materials, information or contact you may send or mail to this website (hereinafter referred to as "information") will be considered non confidential and non proprietary. CSG will not assume any obligation on the information. At the same time you commit behavior if there is no special statement, as agreed (or authorization): CSG and its authorized person can for commercial or non-commercial purposes free to copy, distribute, disclose, merge and use the information and all the data, image, sound, text and other content in other ways. CSG is not responsible for any field monitoring or review users send mail or on this site alone or exchange of information between the information in the. CSG is not responsible for the content of any such exchange, regardless of whether they will cause libel, privacy, obscene or other problems. CSG retained in the deletion found contains such information or other undesirable content information.
Four, third party links
To the third party web site links to this site only as a convenient service to you, does not mean that the information of the CSG approved and recommended, nor for the purpose of publicity or advertising. Access to these links will be decided by the user himself. CSG did not review any third party websites, and content of these websites is not controlled, without any responsibility. If you decide to visit any third party web site linked to this site, all of the results and risks that may arise will be up to you. The third party website on this web site, does not necessarily mean that the CSG has made some recognition, authorization and sponsorship of the third party, or that the related enterprises, joint ventures, CSG belongs to the cooperative enterprise or business partners. In most cases, CSG did not realize that the third parties have provided on this web site.
Five Disclaimer
CSG is not liable for any damages associated with this website (including but not limited to any reason caused by the loss of profits, loss of data, indirect losses, incidental loss or business interruption based on damage), whether these damages are due to the use of, or inability to use this web site, and the results of any website linked to this website caused by or contains any such site information, also regardless of whether they have warranty, contract, tort or any other legal basis and advance has been the advice of such damage may occur. If you need to maintain, repair or correct the equipment or data due to the information you use this site, you will have to bear all the expenses incurred thereby.
Six, general principles
CSG retained the right to modify these terms at any time, you should often visit this page to understand the current terms, because these terms are closely related with you. Certain provisions of these terms may also be replaced by expressly designated legal notices or terms at certain page of this website, you should understand these contents, once accepted this clause, which means that you have read and accepted with these referenced or substituted terms.
Seven, applicable law and jurisdiction
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